First post

Hi All,

I have been searching for a lot of things lately.  A job, a personal life, and always looking for inspiration.

My current motivation:  I look for what I want and work backwards.  Right now I want to be a visionista of the week.  A former volunteer of mine, Lynn Bardowski, wrote a book called Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl and coins the phrase “visionista”.

When I am in need of motivation I work backwards from the recognition I want.  This doesn’t come from a place of ego but rather from an emotionally intelligent space inside of me that realizes I have not been validated in the most difficult decisions I have had to make in my life.  I am tearing up sharing this with you and my keyboard is clacking a sound that really should be recorded and made into a melody of some kind!

Can you imagine, the teardrops hitting against my Mac as I type fast enough to get my thoughts out before I lose my nerve?  Well in any case I keep telling myself that I want to be worthy of being a visionista of the week.  Make a vision for your life just like you would if you were creating a business.  I have done this long before the book came along but her book has helped me realize that most visionaries have had the people closest to them disagree, mock them, make them feel like garbage about the idea, become fearful and at times destructive against you.  So in essence she is saying that opposition is in actuality a part of the formula or rather an indicator for success.

I am a woman with a plan but my failures can all be traced back to the few times I have given into my fear or the fear of those whispering doubt.  How can you not believe that person who loves you?  But don’t sink into it.  And remember that you too (yes I am including myself in this).  I too have thought that my friends and family are making crazy plans but as long as their personal safety doesn’t come into question the best thing I can do is get out of their way.  And the other best thing I am doing is listening, and providing alternate routes to get to their destination.  We all need multiple planned routes to get to the same place.  Roads close.  Weather happens.  But if I can’t run right through it, I will fly or jump over it.  ::waving::

Ask for things to come in a joyful and peaceful manner: I usually have gotten everything I wanted out of my career.  The jobs I wanted at nationally recognized organizations were obtained but each place ended up being a very hostile work environment.

I now ask for things to come to me in a joyful and peaceful manner.  In my manifesting I just wanted what looked good on paper.  I didn’t realize that adults in the workplace could cause me as much pain as I felt being bullied in school.

I want it now: I plan on living a life filled with adventure, joy, peace, love, and getting everything I want.  I want to feel included.  I want to feel supported.  I want to be appreciated.  I want to work with people who appreciate my ideas, share my vision, and benefit from a shared energy that comes from our divine intuition.

Learning the difference between intuition and confusion:  Confusion feels like anger.  Intuition is peaceful.  My experiment of late is to do what my heart tells me.  This is actually quite literal for me because I can feel my heart chakra spinning when I am in an intuitive and peaceful state.  Sometimes my heart chakra spins so fast and so large that it is overwhelming.  I feel like my body is powerful enough for lift off or to join Tony Stark as his heart chakra illuminates the screen and widens the eyes of all people who are looking to believe in a superhero.

My motto:  My persuasion can build a nation.  I haven’t found the right platform yet but I am on the brink of something huge.  Sometimes we may feel that the way we think is how everybody thinks but this simply isn’t true.  A perfect example is…

A 6 year old girl broke a lamp in her aunt’s house.  When the aunt came in the brother of the girl was fixing the mangled lamp.  The aunt asked her nephew what he was doing.  He replied “I’m fixing the lamp”.  The aunt was amazed and told me that she was planning on throwing the lamp away.  She told her nephew that most people do not have the natural born skills to fix a lamp.  This is not how everybody sees the world.  A few years later the boy is now off to college to learn about engineering thanks to his aunt and mentor.

Isn’t this what a mentor is?  Someone who can point out what is unique about you and mirror it back in the way you could positively impact the world?  This is where innovation is born.  When doubt is washed away by validation.

Compassion: Ego is born when we don’t have positive validation in our lives.  It can be deep rooted.  I have been doing a lot of forgiveness exercises because I see things cropping up in other places of my life.  Forgiveness is not about excusing the other person’s behavior.  Forgiveness is just a word people use to describe releasing the poison they gave you in the first place. 

Be well my friends.  I hope you are all looking for what you want because I cannot be the only one who is looking.

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