Song is complete!

Song writing: It has been a goal of mine to write a song.  A friend of mine said that we would write one together in 2004.  It never happened.  The goal became a dream.  And then it became a thing to cross off my bucket list.

I have the tendency to want to make everything be productive.  This comes from a frustration of wasting time, boredom, and being around a lot of disorganization for a long time.

I need to find balance.  I don’t know how but the desire is there.  A few weeks ago I reached out to another friend who has been writing songs for a long time.  I said if you are up to it, I would like to write a song together.

He said he is always up for it and after two meetings of working on it, we are done our lyrics and have a basic concept of our melody down!

Dream for song/tv show theme songs: I would love to see this song purchased for a tv show theme song.  I think theme songs stick in our head and set a great boundary for what the show is about.  Do you remember singing 7th Heaven’s theme song? “When I see their happy faces smiling back at me, I know there is no greater feeling then the love of family”.  I promise I haven’t heard that song in years but can still remember it like it was yesterday.

Sometimes I enjoy previews of a movie more than the movie itself because it has planted a seed for something to look forward to.  The same can be said for the theme song of a tv show.  It is a consistent song that comes every week…even if the episode isn’t enjoyable for me I at least participated in what I would like to think is a global musical….who else is singing with me at the same time?

Celebrate: I don’t have much to say today other than I really want to celebrate this milestone.  I am so happy and proud that this is crossed off the list.  I am also happy to find someone to collaborate on a creative project.  People’s schedules are often nuts but these extra things we make time for feel so much better then the day to day stuff we are forced to do just to get by.

It’s a puzzle…just get it all out and work backwards: The song writing process (as my friend Brian taught me) is a puzzle.  You have to write everything down that comes to mind, even if it feels like a tangent.  You can write out prose if that is what you are used to and then turn them into lyrics.

You can set a theme for the song, tell a story, include ideas, change up the pattern…you can express yourself however you want and it can still be a really great song.

I know when I have tried to write lyrics on my own I have gotten very frustrated.  They came out cheesy because sometimes when you rhyme you end up using really simplest words just to make it all fit and flow together.

But you don’t have to write well.  And if you keep stopping yourself as you go you are blocking yourself.  There are too many obstacles for embarrassment to stop you!  It is better to write everything that comes to mind and then add a few dark words in there or whatever you need to do to adjust the maturity level. 

My current roadblock in singing: Right now I am having a really hard time in my singing lessons.  As the weeks progress  I feel more and more embarrassed to sing to the point where last class, I couldn’t even get  a note out in front of my teacher.  Sometimes I record myself and bring it in instead of singing.  My teacher suggested this because she knows that I feel more free singing alone. 

My teacher sings so well that I feel intimated sometimes.  I am a very confident person but before taking lessons, I have always only emulated other people’s voices.  I guess emulating her voice is just hurting my throat.  She knows I can hit the high notes but I feel fear. 

In the meantime, I have finished this great song and I will keep working at reducing my fear.  I have so much to learn! 

Singing is hard so I have to give myself a very large learning curve: I am coming to realize it is really, really hard to sing!  You have to think of so many things at once.  You have to be mindful of “singing forward” or singing in the hollow parts of your face.  You have to be mindful of where the vibrations are.  You have to learn breath support.  Figure out the placement of your tongue. Carry notes on the vowels of lyrics.  Not sound nasally or pitchy.  Not think.  Relax.  Make it feel like a yawn.

My teacher is so amazing that I drive an hour to see her.  I used to be closer to her but I want to hold on to our momentum.  Our partnership really moves me.  She thinks about different ways to teach me the same one thing if I am stuck.  She is calm.  She never gets mad at me.  She knows I am trying.  And she knows how hard I am on myself.  She shares with me her struggles in relaxing at times in her own lessons (sound is better when we are relaxed).

She shares with me because she knows that we all often focus on the successes of people we admire.  We brush aside the failure like it never happened but then are we only focusing on our own personal failures without celebrating our victories??

Treat yourself like you want others to treat you.  Let’s talk more about this soon! 

Enjoy your day everyone…I am off for a walk to clear my mind and receive a great day coming my way:)

-Sangeetha Subramanian


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