Nature loves me back

Last week I attended a lecture about ecology and Hinduism. The professor noted that The Gita states that our relationship with nature, well really our love of nature, relates back to us seeing divinity in every inch of earth.

So I started to walk around and turn up my thoughts a little louder. I always look around and think, “wow, how pretty is that!”, but this week I have been adding to my initial reactions.

You could call it a lingering. It’s that what you do when you love something? You want to be around it all of the time, and tell the whole world how lovely it is, and just stare and smile like you would a new born baby.

And then something funny happened. A peaceful and slightly “out there” thought came to me. What if nature’s sounds were actually echoing it’s love for me right back?

I started to record the folly of the birds and ran into a tree that wanted me to dance. It had a very tall stance with branches arched up, just as all of the ballroom professionals on tv tell their partners they have to stand. Posture is everything.

This tree in front of me is standing so tall it’s posture is making me swoon. Wow so much etiquette…what a gentleman!

Before I told myself I was crazy I found myself having fun! I was playing with my imagination and the only road block around was my head not letting me go there.

Isn’t this how all of the pixar and disney movies make so much money? They get the objects all around us to talk to the main characters. They all work together to accomplish the mission at hand and succeed with amazing collaboration and camaraderie.

I suppose I have to remember that I am apart of the earth too. I belong here just as the trees. I am admired just like I thank the sun for keeping me warm and love the natural colors all around.

Nature could very well see the divinity in me…oh if these trees could talk.

This thought comforts me because I recently discovered that I feel a strong sense of irritation coming from people. Everyone is always in a rush. They are annoyed in line and waiting is just not in their schedules. I get annoyed too but I am pledging to actively catch myself and stop emitting this out into the world because the words we use are harsh…I watched Bunheads today and the girl said “why aren’t you dead yet”…”why are you still here on earth”. Did I mention that this is a comedy? It’s like our annoyance is radiating a sense of “stop existing” to everyone and everything around us.

It’s like all of the damage to the earth is saying “stop existing”. But we need to go into a space where we can reprogram our harsh judgements because they turn into destruction. How many times have we watched tv and said something awful about what the character or reality star was wearing or how much weight the person put on?

This is actually often fodder for our morning radio programming. The same fodder so many of us listen to at the start our days. What would it look like if we said good things to rewire our brains?

My imagination wishes to find its way to me without harsh judgement. I hope you too find great ways to play without hesitation because I cannot be the only one who is looking.

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