Gaining Perspective When you are Stuck: Looky Looky I Got Hooky

There are a few things I do to get perspective when I am stuck. I walk around: I really enjoy walking around college campuses. They have a good mix of old and modern buildings. All beautiful. All full of character and life. When I want new perspective I make myself take different routes. Perspective is […]

I am really, really proud of myself

Overload: This week my mind was in a strange space. I was overwhelmed. The things I turned to clear my head space were not working so great. So I gave myself permission to slow my pace. Pump the Breaks: It’s what I needed. Guilt crept up like a spider, slow and obviously there. There were […]

My dream weekend at Princeton University

A few years ago, my friend and I were walking around Nassau Street (downtown area near Princeton University) and asked a local for places to go around town. He told us about Eating Clubs…apparently students at Princeton go to eating clubs to socialize. There is no Greek life there but this is their equivalent to […]