Building things

I just had a powerful conversation with an acquaintance about building things. She does PR work and still hasn’t found that ideal job that she adores. I suggested a few things. Why not take classes with your township’s adult education programs? A lot of townships and counties have very cheap classes about all kinds of […]

Feelings vs. Actions in times of Conflict

I had a major breakthrough with a person I had been arguing with. I caught this person mumbling and asked what they were requesting. “I am asking god to help me find the words” I told them I was looking to be validated. Person X replied that they wanted me to be happy but did […]

How you do one thing, you do everything

I made a decision when I started this blog to not share friend’s names when I talk about how amazing they are. This is hard for me because I want to give credit where credit is due. I hope not naming them doesn’t make them feel any less valuable. The people I write about are […]