Building things

I just had a powerful conversation with an acquaintance about building things. She does PR work and still hasn’t found that ideal job that she adores.

I suggested a few things. Why not take classes with your township’s adult education programs? A lot of townships and counties have very cheap classes about all kinds of topics from Zumba to excel.

Why not build one thing that you love and be consistent? She shared anxiety around networking but had one great social media project in mind. When we get stuck we often react how we do in stressful situations and not how we normally act when at peace.

Don’t let the words social media distract you. Write a book and self publish. Do anything that doesn’t require you waiting around for other people to green light you. Did you know that people make entire films off of their iPhone now?

Anyways I explained to her how one thing you do well out of fun can lead to so many more opportunities. We often build a false sense if entrapment. We are in a time where all things can be googled for free. If I want tips on how to create a visualization board I google it. If I want to know how to make something else I can look it up on YouTube and get a step by step visual guide.

We can go to the library too. There are even audio tapes on how to be better communicators. I listened to one disk while driving today.

I too forget these resources are available which is why I am writing it down to keep it near in times of stress.

Doing one great idea on your own terms gives you a sense of control and breathing room to be innovative. A woman I heard on a panel said she tweeted about Beyonce’s Super Bowl dress and was invited to speak on television the next day. She said she doesn’t know who played in the Super Bowl but loves clothes and Beyonce! She picked one thing she knew and put out her enthusiasm!

What are you enthusiastic about? I personally can trace back what I want to a few basic things. I want to feel included, loved, appreciated, and viewed as highly competent. Then I ask myself what that looks like. Then I build small steps to get there.

I hear a lot of people saying they are not satisfied in work and/or life. I think we need to do the work on those things we really want like the desire to feel worthy\loved first. Then things won’t feel so impossible all the time.

I also was taught in yoga that doing creative things is a heart opener. Go paint a pot or color in a coloring book from the dollar store. Small creative things are enough to release that stress and get you back to higher forms of innovation.

Lastly I will share with you that I thought this acquaintance didn’t want to see me. When I came to town she was usually doing other things. I caught her on a whim and had the best conversation! She said that she thought I was busy so made plans elsewhere. I am so happy I told myself my conclusions of her not seeing me could have been anything. We can never tell what is really going on but if I stuck with a generated story of why, we would have never even spoken.

I love you all. I hope you find ways to built things and overcome false sense of entrapments because I cannot be the only one who is looking.


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