NBA Finals

Wow! Did you just see that? The Spurs and Miami Heat just tied and are going into overtime.

This is such a thrilling game. It just goes to show you that if you have two worthy opponents and the appropriate platform, great things can happen. Keep that in mind if you are bored in your day to day life. It could be that you haven’t found the right team to collaborate with yet.

It could be that you haven’t found the appropriate platform.

I am reminded of my own basketball championships. I have played in two. The first one we won. The second one went into double overtime. We lost by one point at the last moment.

Sometimes these games just don’t feel real! The thrill could convince non-sports people to experience it for themselves.

I am a non-sports person, but have been keeping basketball close to me on and off since the first grade. I have also been watching tennis a ton! Tennis is more to be with my family as they watch and enjoy. If you want to find a sense of community go to a game! Any game at any age is thrilling. Even watching players at any age is exciting. First graders, college, adults. The rules give a spectacular outline for the audience to understand boundaries. One of my favorite parts about being in the audience is learning a new rule I had no idea existed. I might be really mad in the moment and say something like, “that’s ridiculous” but once I have learned it I will always know it. I will keep a sharper eye out for it next time and even teach the confused and angry person next to me when they see the discrepancy from their former understanding. You find yourself rooting for something when watching a game. You find yourself among passionate people who you would never otherwise see raise their voice.

Strategy: I have had several breakthroughs in the last two weeks. Mainly because all of my failures were getting me ready for the wins. All of those conversations laid the foundation for me to pick up where I left off. The new people, the ones who are impressed haven’t seen all of those other conversations. So I guess I look at my near misses to the basket as practice drills. Even professional athletes miss those hoops! What I know now is that I need to rest if I am doing the all the right things and brilliant strategies aren’t coming into fruition. Sometimes you have to build strong alliances, give other people time to catch up with your vision, and let the universe help you put the pieces together. It’s not all up to you. It’s not all up to me. We are all individuals and we can build things on our own. We need to be authentic and at the same time allow others to become authentic too.

I am trusting a lot more because fortune favors the prepared: Our obstacles are not obstacles. They are actually a redirection to what is better for you. My friend Sue recently told me that the universe does not let us make mistakes.

Get a mentor. Talk to generations older and younger than you: My friends and I can talk and talk and be stuck right where we are. When I ask children or generations of people older than me, I get answers in a different way. I don’t need to have the experience now. I just need to tap into everyone else who is open to sharing. I can see the image of a parachute being thrown up and running underneath with my whole class. It’s good to be with our peers too. Joy and camaraderie is experienced in a whole different way with our peers. I guess all I’m trying to say is that diverse ideas also come from generational diversity (with regard to diversity and inclusion conversations). I’m so happy we can learn from all different people and all different things.

Okay 1.9 seconds remaining in overtime…got to go.

I hope you find powerful ways to redirect yourself and allow the universe to redirect you to the right and best spaces, because I cannot be the only one who is looking.

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