Top 12 things I do when I am feeling lost

I have had a horrible and emotional weekend.  Two major positive spaces in my life shutdown at the same time.  I felt my resources leaving me high and dry.  I build redundancy into my life with regard to having spaces to vent and feeling included, but there are still so many situations beyond our control.  Below is a top twelve list I do to make myself feel better when I feel hopeless.  I look forward to reading and finding more things that other people do.

1) Guided mediations on youtube.  When I feel crazy it is easier to listen to someone else guiding me to get out of my own head.

2) I watch a ton of OWN.  Super Soul Sunday has great programming on Oprah’s network. They are people who are on spiritual journeys and often talk about the dark times we often don’t hear about.

3) Soak in the tub.  Epson salts can be purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Bubble baths are awesome as well.  I am told epson salts are good for clearing negativity.  Burning sage is known for clearing negativity too.

4) I go through my phone and call people.  You never know if someone is going to say something that will help.  Sometimes my goal is to talk nonsense, the silliness makes me feel better.

5) Get some bubbles from the dollar store and have fun.  Parks are fun too!

6) Nature. Nature is such a powerful healer.  I sat outside in my backyard and felt so much better after just a few minutes.

7) Gratitude.  This is very difficult when I am feeling down.  But I start with little things.  I was once told that I am so positive that even a sticker would make me happy.  That reminds me…

8) Stickers!!  There is a sticker store at The Grove in West Hollywood.  Woah baby.  One of my happiest moments in life.

9) Fountains.  I just sit in front of fountains and they relax me.  A friend even purchased a mini fountain for me for the holidays.  Best.  Present.  Ever!!  It is battery operated so I can take it anywhere.  Don’t worry, I can plug it in too!!  Streams work for me as well.  When I visit family or if I am walking around I stop to watch rivers flowing.  Back to nature comforting me:)

10) I sing.  When people tell me to smile I feel very offended.  So if they want me to smile, and I know them well enough, I say, “ask me to sing”.  Singing always gets me smiling afterwards.

11) The gym.  There is nothing like kickboxing or dancing my frustrations away.

12) Go to the movies.  After redbox came around I rarely go to the theater.  But it is fun to go see things on the big screen. Previews are my favorite because even if the movie isn’t great, I have something to look forward to!

Okay lovelies, talking to you has made me feel better also.  So thank you for that!  I hope you find the things that make you feel better when you are feeling lost or upset because I cannot be the only one who is looking.

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