Finding People Strong Enough to Accept and Receive How They Move Me

I just talked to the artist who inspired me to create a project I am working on. I have been bragging about him at networking events as my icebreaker, explaining to friends how he ignited me to move forward, and have been able to attract other artists in conversation because of it. I have never met him, only heard of him. Even today we only spoke on the phone but after telling him all this he said, “in this moment right now I feel successful. You sharing that with me is what it’s all about. We are here to inspire and share with each other. It’s so wonderful.” I even told him I was scared to share because I wasn’t sure of his reaction. I sometimes just don’t know when it is appropriate to be vulnerable with someone. But I suppose as long as I do and say what I feel is right, the law of averages will get me to people who are strong enough to accept and receive how they move me.

-Sangeetha Subramanian


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