Help is a funny thing

I went on a college tour today with a family member who is looking at options.  One family came from very far and asked about one specific program.  The tour guide did not have any idea.  I had friends and even took some classes in the program, so I offered what knowledge I did have.  I have been in their shoes before, traveling from far and not getting all answers I was looking for.

When I offered the information I had, the mother in the group was very rude to me.  I felt really puzzled at her reaction but continued to go about my business.  I heard her husband scold her for her behavior.  She attempted to engage in conversation with me again, though her words were still very biting.

It made me begin to think, when are we supposed to help?  Some people I know say that they only offer help when they are asked.  Others I know offer help all of the time because it is in their nature.  For me, it is like Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book The Tipping Point, there are people out there who make movements happen.  He defines them as Salespeople, Connectors, and Mavens. 

I don’t want to give it all away but to jump ahead to me, I am a maven.  I am a person who not only wants to share the information, I feel like I HAVE to share the information.  I felt like I am sinning if I don’t share the knowledge I know.

If we don’t share what we know, how will be get the word out about all of the great things life has to offer?  I get most of my information from people.  I trust listening to several people’s perception vs. only doing research on the internet.  My writing buddy says that I was born in the wrong era.  My old school nature reminds her of older generations.  I cannot be the only one who is craving human connection.  I cannot be the only one who wants to share information in hopes of helping someone. 

I think perhaps I am also becoming very aware of the help I am seeking.  I have a good mix of people helping me, ignoring me, and not being so helpful.  With regard to the law of attraction all I have to say is, thank you for all of the mavens in my life…please bring me more!!

I know the trick is to focus on the positive, but it is taking energy away when I have these negative interactions.  I felt a dent in my vulnerability vehicle.  If I am reprimanded for helping another person, what’s going to motivate me to help again?  I’m going to be nervous to speak up next time.

I try to be brave and keep being myself.  It would certainly be an interesting social experiment to measure the percentage of people I offer insight to, and how they respond.  I will have to clearly define if I thought the person needed help, how insightful I thought my knowledge was on a scale of 1 to 10, and establish how I perceive the responses. 

I honestly don’t feel like putting in more energy to this negative interaction, but I do need some perspective so these things don’t impact me as much.  People say there isn’t enough love in the world…I agree though we should really work on basic kindness as a start.

I hope you see kindness in your daily life because I cannot be the only one who is looking.


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