Rejoice, rejoice: Quenching Spiritual Thirst

Progress: Sometimes we make progress and don’t even realize it.  I have been making progress on so many different levels. On my quest to build a personal life, secure a professional one to my liking, and to quench a spiritual thirst that I feel lucky to be aware of.

The key to a good week, is a good weekend! Last weekend I had such an amazing time. Friday I had lunch with a friend and we cracked up like crazy. Saturday I spent most of the day in Philly. First at brunch, then a board game, and finally great conversation at a garden.  Sunday jazz festival in Princeton, time with extended family, and dinner with immediate family.

Because I was in such a good mood, this past week was so full of progress.  I had a teflon coating around me because of my weekend glow. The weekend made me feel like I am living the life I want to be living. How powerful is that???

Loving Me, myself, & I: So in all honestly, a few years ago, a weekend of this description wouldn’t have been coming from a peaceful place.  Before I was too anxious to be still with myself that I needed to do things to avoid my own company. This isn’t the case anymore.  Now I sit still a lot, and I like myself.  My thoughts are amazing when I don’t let fear creep in and create spiderwebs in my beautiful brain!

My First Novel: Another significant conversation I had was about the first novel I wrote. Yes that is correct, I completed writing my first fiction novel.  I am repeating it so I don’t hide…that’s right I’m being consistent!!  Instead of telling a few people in passing, I pitched my book to a friend.  She got so excited that my enthusiasm grew.  It feels wonderful to have this piece of literature birth from my thoughts and made up world.  I haven’t been bragging about it because it doesn’t feel like my best work.

Honoring myself: The best way I can continue to honor myself is to reduce the perfectionist in me.  Or redefine my definition of perfection.  Lately my new version of perfect is being present and appreciative of where I am.  The other part of my new version of perfect is understanding that I have to start somewhere.  For some reason this story wanted to be told.  I know this might sound strange coming from the author. The truth is part of the story took a life of its own.  The process of writing it didn’t feel fun. It felt like a self-hate exercise because of the emotions I was reliving.

The most crucial way I have reduced the perfectionist in me is to not seek other people’s approval. There is enough room for me to build a life without worrying about other people.  There will always be someone saying something to me.  At the end of the day, they don’t have to feel the emotions I feel.  I also have to have empathy for them because they cannot see everything I see.  I am standing in the middle of my universe and I see all the stars aligned.  From their perspective they are standing where the sun is being eclipsed.  It can be exhausting spending our energy on explaining ourselves.  Only do it as much as your faith allows you to.  If I explained myself outside of the boundary of faith I have created, then my bubble will burst.

I need a bubble to keep momentum up.  Imagination has so many enemies.  Don’t let them win.  Imagination is the way we are going to go beyond the realm of possibility.  Imagination is the key to forward progress and sustaining hope.

Release Creates Room: While writing my novel, it wasn’t always fun to be that vulnerable on paper. Whatever the case, I released it.  Any release good or bad, creates room.  After I was done, I found room to write my first TV pilot.

Weak Ties: When I let go of fears I had with networking, I created space for powerful human connection.  One of my mentors often says to me, “Way to reach out!”.  I just kept repeating her voice in my head every time I felt nervous reaching out to a weak tie.  It helps also that I have heard a few times now (including from a TED Talk) that weak ties are the path to getting what we want.

I guess this is how we can even describe the online dating phenomenon.  It scares me that so many relationships start from a virtual standpoint, instead of in person communication. But on the same note, online dating is pulling together a bunch of weak ties.  And it’s just one way, it’s not the only way. Now this isn’t me telling you to go date online, I am just  processing this conclusion out loud:)

This weekend I set out to see the sunrise. I woke up at 5:12am and was out of the door by 5:30am and on my way to the beach.  Now some houses were blocking the sun, so I missed it this time.  But I’m sure I will catch it next time, because I cannot be the only one who is looking for some sunshine and inspiration!


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