Consistency where you at?

In my life, I am happiest when I have structure and consistency.  Two years ago, I started a group with my friends. The three of us met every other week and we had to bring one problem to the table. The other two people in the group would then offer solutions and everybody had homework to do!

The concept was simple. We had to meet each other every other Friday and not miss a beat in order for it to work. We had to take action steps towards the problem. Action is the best way to get rid of worry.  Most of us want to take action, but are unsure how to move forward.  That’s why perspective is so important. That’s why with a little bit of structure and accountability we were all able to move mountains with each other.

The group worked so well, that one of us got married and moved to the mid-west.  I’ve been longing to form a group like this again, but it just hasn’t clicked.

Maybe I need a group to help me solve this problem of forming a new group! In any case, I have had some luck forming structure in my day to day life.

I meet with a creative buddy once a week. We talk specifically about our writing issues, and then do our various projects. I’m learning quickly that I enjoy creating new work but am not a fan of editing.  It is a necessary evil, I’m afraid.

The other thing that I’m discovering is that I have not been able to successfully blend my comedy and serious writing in years. I used to be able to strike the perfect balance of discovery and humor.  Lately, I either crack myself up or I just get really deep.

Emotions are a tricky thing.  Especially in creative work when you are almost forcing or channeling them to keep moving.

The things I have in my control is writing once a week, going to zumba and walks, staying in touch with my friends (voicemail counts because it’s me trying!!), meditating first thing in the morning, showing gratitude for all good things in my life before sleeping, and making sure I work fun things in my schedule.  I can at least blow some bubbles in the park:)

It can be so painful when we are waiting for others to validate us. It can be agonizing hoping that people include you. All I can do is execute what I can make consistent and treat everything else as a bonus.

I hope you find joy and feel gratitude for the consistency in your life, because I cannot be the only one who is looking.


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