Diversity Production Contest: Need help funding your short or web series?

Check out our friends at Wish Me Guts! Productions and see if they can help you achieve your fundraising goals!

**Before submitting, please note that this is a separate competition from the Rahway Film Festival. Any submissions to this contest will have no advantage over submissions to Rahway Film Festival.

Wish Me Guts! Productions is seeking to produce dynamic stories celebrating authentic images/stories of minorities.

If you have a story in mind and need help securing funding, Wish Me Guts! Producer Sangeetha Subramanian, is currently reviewing submissions.

If your short or web series is selected, you will work directly with Ms. Subramanian, who will help you secure capital through your network.

Projects selected must share executive producer duties and credit with the producer, Sangeetha Subramanian and be willing to fundraise through their own network of friends, family, and contacts. Ms. Subramanian will be in contact with the top candidates directly.

**Please note that Ms. Subramanian will not be making any direct solicitations on the winners’ behalf. She will help guide and run the winners’ campaigns to secure necessary funding.

Second round candidates will be asked to submit the first five pages of their script by Monday December 2nd.

If you are interested in this resource, please submit a treatment detailing your idea and estimated budget to capturingthecreativeprocess@gmail.com by October 30th.

Second round candidates will be contacted by November 12th. The first five pages of the script will be due by Monday December 2nd at 5:00pm EST.

If you have any questions please email Sangeetha Subramanian at sangeetha.subram@gmail.com.

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