Something to Consider When Creating a Resolution

What would you do next if you weren’t scared? Fear can be so crippling that this question is often the best exercise I can do for myself.

My wish for the world is that we all experience more positive face-to-face human interaction. This year I learned that some people are emotionally fragile. This is to the point where one comment can impact their whole mood for a long time.

The opposite extreme is the person who can let anything roll off their back. To them it’s not a matter of quick resiliency per say, they just never found the instance to be unsettling to begin with.

Neither of these are a bad or good thing. It’s just an observation I have made between a few friends and colleagues.

For me, empathy starts with understanding other people’s anxieties.  When I don’t understand why someone is doing something, I try to understand what is bothering them.  Even for myself, in my own efforts to reduce anxiety it has been helpful to take a step back. I wonder why is this bothering me, what can I do to fix it, and what do I really want in the grand picture?

I really love the concept of creating a New Year’s Resolution. My resolution for 2013 was to live my life without fear. Or to be more precise it was to not let fear dictate my action. Every time I told myself no I’m not doing that, something in my back of my mind was going, but your resolution!

The results were amazing. I did in fact connect with top executives at major companies. My gut was telling me to go for it, even though a part of me didn’t want to bother. Out of all my outreach 90% of them gave me the audience and some wonderful advice! Other fun activities were also pursued keeping my year’s theme in mind. Not everything turned into something grand, but my mission was accomplished. My dance classes for example were fun but I didn’t learn anything new I can use at the next wedding I attend. So I might not become a pro on Dancing with the Stars next season, but I did dance with J.R. Martinez in 2012!! Plus I’m still working on my television production skills so maybe I’ll get to work on my favorite reality show behind the scenes.

In 2014 I plan to dance more. Singing and writing were my focus in 2013, but dance has been on the back burner. In all honestly as much as I create action plans with steps to execute them, my heart is full of wishes.

I hope I find a spectacular travel buddy and visit amazing places- and soon!

I hope I find more like-minded people to collaborate and enjoy life with.

I hope I sustain a joy for life everyday.

My friends, I hope you find outstanding company, create a dynamic resolution for yourself, and that you kick fear to the curb.

I’m not sure how to invite wishes in our life when they involve other people, but I know I cannot be the only one who is looking.

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