Figure out if people’s words and actions match

Some days when I have moments of ambiguity, I remind myself that I know that I want to feel included, loved, and competent. And I want to have people around who help me accomplish this feeling with ease. The right people are like mirrors reflecting back all of those quiet moments of wonder you already think about yourself. And when it gets really fun the right people help you create a safe space to dream and build those dreams into reality.

Our jobs when interacting with people is to figure out if people’s words match their actions. Most people tell you exactly who they are within the first two weeks of meeting them.

When I was at a conference, a contact told me about a game he plays. He watches people and observes them. Then he asks them questions to find out if his instincts on people reading were right or not. Interesting game right!!

I feel like so much heartache in every aspect of life comes from expectations and people not matching that view we have of them. But if we pay attention to what people tell us, and then put a time frame to see if they are all talk, or all action, we should be able to weed out the real people from the fakes.

I hope you find ways to bless and release the people in your life who aren’t serving you.

I hope you find the right collaborators, love interests, and creative partners who help you build your life the way you want to live it!!

I hope you find ways to articulate appreciation to the people in your life who already think the world of you because I cannot be the only one who is looking!!


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