Team I am ready for you

I realized something about myself today. I am happiest when I am working with a team of like-minded people. A recent poll mentioned in Washingtonian Magazine said that something like 53% of young professionals under 30 mentioned fame as a top career goal.

For me I always wanted to have people I really trusted and enjoyed around me at all times. I know it is best to keep work and pleasure separate but we are raised in so many systems. We are in school for a set amount of time each year. There are annual festivals and traditions to look forward to. And we celebrate it together!

Now that I’m out in this “real-world” I want my wonderful team to appear. I am not in that 53 percentile. I am not one of the fame seekers but I still want to accomplish a lot. I want to be a really good recruiter in any industry, write books, pioneer diversity initiatives for television and film, have fun in my personal life, see Italy, and so much more.

Shifting to an abundance mentality has been an exciting and rewarding new frontier. Divine timing however remains a puzzle. Sometimes I feel like I’m waiting on the sidelines. I know how to create structure for other people, but I’m not always sure how to create it for myself.

Yesterday I saw a TED Talk about how most of us have ideas all the time and never act on them. I’ve figured out how to do projects without a team but I miss them. I miss doing a project with a group of people who want to succeed. I miss having a colleague review my thoughts and give me feedback on how to be even better. Maybe I didn’t realize how much collaboration is such an integral part of my creative process.

I don’t mean to idealize teamwork because it certainly had its pitfalls when you are with the wrong group of people. However from an organizational development perspective it is so thrilling to have people specialize in what the company needs and essentially be parts to the whole. In sociology we often were reminded of the human body being made of many different parts. Each organ has its function and is equally important to the body overall, just as each type of job contributes to society functioning as a whole.

I hope you realize your worth is tied to just being you. You contribute positively to the world everyday by being present with those around you. I hope you find a team of people who support you, make things happen, and push you to reach your full potential because I cannot be the only one who is looking.


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