I’m striving for imperfection on purpose

Last year I took a pottery class from the owner and teacher at Yay Clay studios in Philadelphia (yayclay.com). I told my friend/instructor that I wanted to make something imperfect on purpose. Lately I have been retraining my brain to let go of perfection. I only do this intentionally in safe spaces like private creative […]

Workplace Bullying is Real but it doesn’t have to be

Leadership Styles: There are so many new ways to lead. Social entrepreneurship shows us a way to give back while still making money. Zappos.com has broken away from the traditional way of corporate America’s hierarchy by celebrating creativity and adopting a more team friendly or holacracy approach. Leaders are Human: A common misconception is that […]

People without boundaries are the worst

The best advice I receive are from people who understand the importance of life unfolding in a peaceful and joyful manner. There is no one path for us to follow but a few guiding principals like being present and practicing non-attachment go a long way. In my sociology classes we discussed social norms and what […]

Figure out if people’s words and actions match

Some days when I have moments of ambiguity, I remind myself that I know that I want to feel included, loved, and competent. And I want to have people around who help me accomplish this feeling with ease. The right people are like mirrors reflecting back all of those quiet moments of wonder you already think […]

Following the advice we give to others is how we love ourselves

The best advice I got in college was to pretend I was another person- give that person advice, and then take it myself. I have rewritten this opening sentence a bunch of times because it sounds crazy. For some reason it is easier to give advice to others. Within our own minds it seems we […]

It’s not rejection it’s redirection

I recently attended a graduation of a close friend. She applied for one grad school program and didn’t get in. The night she didn’t get in she came out to eat with my family. After the meal she told me her plan B. It turns out she had been wanting to do her plan B, […]