Figure out if people’s words and actions match

Some days when I have moments of ambiguity, I remind myself that I know that I want to feel included, loved, and competent. And I want to have people around who help me accomplish this feeling with ease. The right people are like mirrors reflecting back all of those quiet moments of wonder you already think […]

Top 12 things I do when I am feeling lost

I have had a horrible and emotional weekend.  Two major positive spaces in my life shutdown at the same time.  I felt my resources leaving me high and dry.  I build redundancy into my life with regard to having spaces to vent and feeling included, but there are still so many situations beyond our control. […]

Building things

I just had a powerful conversation with an acquaintance about building things. She does PR work and still hasn’t found that ideal job that she adores. I suggested a few things. Why not take classes with your township’s adult education programs? A lot of townships and counties have very cheap classes about all kinds of […]