I’m striving for imperfection on purpose

Last year I took a pottery class from the owner and teacher at Yay Clay studios in Philadelphia (yayclay.com). I told my friend/instructor that I wanted to make something imperfect on purpose. Lately I have been retraining my brain to let go of perfection. I only do this intentionally in safe spaces like private creative […]

Slower Pace Anyone?

I have often heard people say that it’s difficult to find friends after college and I’m starting to agree with them more and more. Even when I meet new people or reconnect with old friends, I feel like everyone is in a rush. I’m sure the east coast ny/nj pace has a lot to do […]

Unlimited My Future Is, Unlimited!

In 2006 my favorite literature professor asked me if I was a singer. She told me that I have a very nice speaking voice and encouraged me to take voice lessons. While I have been taking lessons for some time, I was thinking about quitting after making so many mistakes last week. I still practiced […]